AWS Certified Solutions Architect (Professional) Exam Journey and Tips

7 min readSep 12, 2022


I am happy to share that I’ve passed AWS Certified Solutions Architect — Professional certification exam. This certification exam is considered one of the difficult exam.

In this post, I’ll share my exam experience and some of the tips and resources I’ve found useful and may be these can help you in some way if you are also preparing of this certification.

Now, everyone has their own way of learning technology and stuff. While I am sharing these steps and process I followed, feel free to use your own preferred method of arranging learning tasks.


Lets start with a little bit of my background regarding AWS certifications.

Before taking Solutions Architect Professional exam I’ve already passed the following two AWS exams:

  • AWS Certified Solutions Architect — Associate
  • AWS Certified Developer — Associate

I’ve also previously written few posts to share my exam experience, Please check following links for more details about those certification experiences:

Now, general learning and exam tips are same as mentioned in the above mentioned posts, so please check those if you are new to these topics. In this post, I will cover what additional preparation I’ve added to my list of learning tasks for the preparation of this certification.

I was already aware from many different sources that AWS professional level exams are a bit more difficult than associate levels and I was ready to put some more effort in proper preparation in order to not get big surprises during exam.

So more preparation and extra effort were already in mind even before I started with the learnings. So if you are preparing for exam then make sure that you have a deep understanding of the related topics as mentioned in exam guide and on…




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