AWS Certified Solutions Architect (Associate) Exam Journey and Tips — Part 2

5 min readMar 31, 2022
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In Part-1 of this series, I started sharing my experience of preparing for AWS Certified Solutions Architect (associate) exam.

If you are new to this topic, I will suggest you to first check the previous post and then the continuation in this part will be easier to follow.

We will continue with preparation area and I will share few learning and exam tips along the way.

Exam Preparation Cont’d.

Continuing from previous post, I will first talk about the AWS official Exam page for the certification which You can visit on this link.

This page contains important information to help with the following concerns:

  • Who should take this exam?
  • What does it take to earn this certification?
  • Prepare for exam

All the things you need to know about this certificate are in this one place. Easy to find and very useful for exam preparation:

You will find many resources which are directly targeted towards this certification. These resources will provide great information, tutorials and help you fill gaps in your learning as well.


Spend some time reading FAQs for different AWS services e.g. EC2, S3, SQS etc. AWS recommend these FAQs as a good source for preparing the exam and they do contain information which you will need to answer questions.


Look for real world examples as a reference e.g. you can think of statefull behavior of Security Groups by analogy of Bouncer/security guard at a club. They may check your Identification to let you in, but do not care when leaving the premise. That’s similar to how security groups work with inbound/outbound traffic.

Route-53 DNS, think of it like contacts in your phone book, which maps name to a number, just like domain name to IP address in DNS.




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