AWS Certified Solutions Architect (Associate) Exam Journey and Tips

7 min readMar 30, 2022
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Recently, I’ve passed the AWS Solutions Architect (associate) exam and now want to share this experience as it may help answer some questions for those who might be interested or already preparing for this exam.

I am going to arrange the information in following sections:

  • Background
  • Preparation
  • Exam

Now, everyone has their own way of learning technology and stuff. While I am sharing the steps and process I followed, feel free to use your own preferred method of arranging tasks.

I’ll try to keep things as much as possible focus on the topic and I hope that this post will help you in some capacity for the AWS certification exam.

Throughout the posts, I will share some of the exam tips and important points which I found useful and will also share the resources, I used for the exam preparation.

Kindly note, these are my personal thoughts and experiences and no way shall be considered a short recipe to pass the exam. Neither does these shall be treated as a complete source. You shall look on other resources, capture such tips but not solely rely on these while preparing for exam.


To start with, I have a solid software development background and most of things regarding programming languages, coding, databases comes naturally to developers. I don’t know about you but I did not had similar expertise in networking and the likes.

I had some experience with Azure cloud in the past, but there too, I was mainly dealing with application side of the things e.g. Azure Web App service or launching a virtual machine etc.

Later, I started exploring AWS cloud services. Started with simple things, like launching EC2 instance from console and CLI, writing simple lambda functions, setting up VPCs, wiring up Internet gateways, and experimenting with managed services like Cognito, SQS, RDS, EKS etc. Actually I have written posts on all these topics as well which you can check if you are interested.




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