AWS Certified Solutions Architect (Associate) Exam Journey and Tips — Part 3

9 min readApr 1, 2022
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Welcome back, here we are with final part of AWS Certified Solutions Architect (Associate) Exam Journey and Tips.

In previous two posts, I covered the Background and Preparation parts. This post will be focused on topics like exam registration and taking the exam along with some more tips and experiences.

If you are new to this series, I will encourage you to first read the earlier posts and then the contents in this post will be more logical and easier to follow.

AWS Training & Certification

AWS Training & Certification portal is the place you can manage all the training and certification for AWS. We have already discussed AWS Skill Builder portal. You can access AWS certification from the link on the portal.

It will redirect you to following portal:

and here you can manage your exams, trainings and certificates. I liked the way, all these concerns are connected and are very easy to browse when needed.


When creating your account, make sure that you enter correct first name, last name and other information. It will save you some time if you do not have to make changes later once taking the exam.

AWS Certification Portal

Once you sign-in to the certification portal, you can manage your exams, schedules, certificates, badges etc.

Now, I will not go into details, you can explore these areas yourself. Once ready you can Register for an Exam by click of a button:




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